Past Flips

This was a home on the west side of Madison. We bought it on the retail market for a great price because the previous contract had fallen through due to a a poor inspection. It needed a major renovation, but it turned out great!



This was a condo in Belleville, the owner of this home had passed it needed some TLC. We did a light renovation and made it a great affordable home for the new owner.


This was a home we purchased in Verona. The seller was overwhelmed trying to get it ready for the retail market. We offered to buy it from them as is and we cleaned it out and then renovated the entire home.


This was a home in Belleville that we purchased at foreclosure auction and did some light rehab to get it ready for the retail market. It sold in just a few days with multiple offers.







This one was in Mount Horeb. We purchased from a seller who just wanted out. They didn’t want to deal with any repairs and didn’t want to put it on the market. We wholesaled the property to another investor who rehabbed it and made it a fantastic home for a great family.

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